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Our Policies


Our Policies

At SIM, we are aware that as part of society, we have a great responsibility from an environmental, social, and governance perspective to take action to make the world greener, more resilient, and more equitable.

We are committed to providing a high-level quality service to our clients, as well as respecting and caring for the environment.

At SIM, we have established preventive measures to protect and safeguard our information, as well as that of our clients, suppliers, and employees.

We are committed to preventing any illicit activities, corruption and/or bribery, money laundering, among others, and thus maintaining the integrity of our processes.

At SIM, we are committed to complying with laws and regulations to combat bribery and corruption in all the places where we operate. At all times, we will actprofessionally, with fairness, and with the utmost integrity according to our Code of Conduct.

SIM is committed to not participating in agreements that restrict or limit free competition.